The cost of amalgamation and cost shifting by the State government has added a significant burden to Council's budget.


 Item  Description  Amount

Cost of amalgamation

Council media release (8/10/2020) -  significant and ongoing impacts, estimate could be in excess of $100M

$ 100 M


Gosford CBD SEPP

Reduction in developer contributions to Council from 4% to 1%. In Oct 2018, the NSW Department of Planning valued the 3% decrease at approx. $190M

Up to $ 190 M


Local Planning Panel

The LPP was established by NSW government to take decision making away from Council. In May 2020, in a staff report to Council, it was estimated that the cost burden to Council for the operation of the Panel is in the order to $400,000 per annum

$ 400,000

per annum


Emergency works – Wamberal  Beach / North Entrance

July 2020 coastal erosion event - State government issued a direction requiring Council to construct emergency toe protection works. In Feb 2021, the total cost was estimated at $2.866M.

The NSW government has reimbursed $992,501 thus far. (Ref Council report—3 Feb 2021)

 $ 1.894 M


Biodiversity Offsetting

NSW government payments to offset environmental impacts at Kangy Angy and Lisarow wetland. The Development Application for Kangy Angy was approved in 2017, construction completed in 2020—still no payments for biodiversity offsets.



Cost shifting

Council media release (8/10/2020) -  estimate $45M or more per annum

$ 45 M


> $337 M

Last Updated: 24 February 2021


Central Coast NEW Independents stand for:

  • Giving communities an effective voice
  • Accountability and transparency in Council's actions and decision making
  • Better planning that retains the character of the Central Coast while providing the infrastructure that the community needs
  • Working with the local community to identify priorities for improving local roads, drainage and footpaths
  • Protecting open space and the places we love - urban reserves, the bushland, waterways and beaches
  • Supporting all our community groups, for example arts, sport, environment, recreation and neighbourhood groups
  • Increasing education opportunities through a range of TAFE and University courses and cadetships
  • Creating new local jobs, supporting existing and new sustainable industries
  • Making Gosford and Wyong the regional centres whilst ensuring that all suburbs across the region benefit from Council’s decisions
  • Providing efficient and cost effective waste and recycling services
  • Protecting our drinking water catchments and agricultural lands

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