Sue Chidgey worked for nearly 30 years for local disability charity, Fairhaven Services. She developed a diverse range of skills including administration, disability support and fundraising. Sue is also a very active volunteer. She has been a member of P&C committees, volunteers for Children’s Medical Research Institute and is the President of Brisbane Water Historical Society.

Sue strongly believes in sustainable development so that residential areas continue to incorporate green spaces, parks and reserves. Two years ago she founded “Save East Gosford Reserve” and “Save Central Coast Reserves” to campaign against Gosford Council’s intention to sell-off 25 local reserves, parks and green spaces.   Hundreds of local community members rallied with her and successfully saved these vital community assets. She co-founded the new group Friends of East Gosford Community Reserve.

Sue wants to see a transparent Council which works with the community towards sustainable development, with protection of the environment and importantly good community infrastructure and facilities to cope with the expected population growth of the Central Coast.


Central Coast NEW Independents stand for:

  • Giving communities an effective voice
  • Accountability and transparency in Council's actions and decision making
  • Better planning that retains the character of the Central Coast while providing the infrastructure that the community needs
  • Working with the local community to identify priorities for improving local roads, drainage and footpaths
  • Protecting open space and the places we love - urban reserves, the bushland, waterways and beaches
  • Supporting all our community groups, for example arts, sport, environment, recreation and neighbourhood groups
  • Increasing education opportunities through a range of TAFE and University courses and cadetships
  • Creating new local jobs, supporting existing and new sustainable industries
  • Making Gosford and Wyong the regional centres whilst ensuring that all suburbs across the region benefit from Council’s decisions
  • Providing efficient and cost effective waste and recycling services
  • Protecting our drinking water catchments and agricultural lands

Central Coast New Independents Group