There are many beautiful places on the Central Coast. These places are important to local communities and contribute to community wellbeing. There are a range of features that make up scenic and landscape values - both natural and built. How important are scenic and landscape values to you? Click here to do a quick survey. 

As stated in the document "Visual Landscape Planning in Western Australia" (2007) - The protection of landscape values is now expected by communities. Proposals which pass other tests, such as economic development and environmental management, are no longer accepted if they mar the view or impair highly valued landscapes.

There are different approaches to valuing scenic and landscape quality. Some of it is captured in planning and development assessment.

Some examples of what other Councils and organisations have in place:

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  • How important are scenic and landscape values to you?
  • Should we have guidelines for decision making?
  • What are some of the scenic or landscape values that are important to you?... and examples?